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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bad habits

     I have a bad habit of critiquing my own writing, so I will delete posts then put new ones up because I think they are terrible. Now, I realize, I have to quit taking down things I'm not certain I like. I guess without the good and the bad you can never get better.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

South By So What 2012

     South By So What is an annual music festival hosted by Third String Productions with several stages and several different bands. This year there were three stages and over 60 bands. It was certainly a day that everyone can remember.

     The main stage was sponsored by Southwest Kia with the opening band being Indirection, a local Dallas band, and the headlining act being Asking Alexandria. The Southwest Kia stage was the biggest and most active stage. Several bands performed and a good portion of the audience stayed glued to the hardcore metal bands that resonated body surfing, circle pit music through out the crowd. There were several moments that people will never forget, the front man of Blessthefall climbing singing upside down from one of the towers, Motionless in White's circle pit that was the largest mosh pit of the evening, Blessthefall's body surfing high fives, Asking Alexandria's get your ass on the stage moment, and all the incredible performances that each and every single band put on. I personally spent a good portion of the day at this stage.

     The Aquarius stage probably has the most memorable moment of this event. The sound at this stage by the end of the evening was terrible, but despite the technical difficulties, the bands on this stage put on one hell of a show. No one can forget the drummer in hot pink speedos or how each and every band still tried their hardest to put on the best performance they could under the circumstances. The headlining act was Sleeping With Sirens who performed a partial acoustic set due to the sound issues. These bands did an amazing job and my respect goes out to them for not giving up. My only real complaint was how long it was taking to get each band set up.

     The third stage was the Plug Your Holes stage, these bands also performed amazingly and the crowd enjoyed this punk/pop stage that was different from the metal core music that other two stages were offering. Two metal core stages with a ton of bands that the crowd loved, kudos to Third String Productions. Offering something different to the audience who may not be into that kind of music by providing a punk/pop stage... well that is just priceless.

     This festival was one of the hottest events going down on St. Patrick's Day and it welcomed over 5,000 people. South By So What also used this event as a way to get food donations and to raise money for hungry children, and I don't mean those starving kids in Africa we see pm the television all the time. Thirds String Productions offered a meet and greet for six of the bands if your brought non perishables and donated twenty dollars to feed hungry children and families right here in Dallas Texas. This one tiny charity fund raiser earned Third String Productions the respect of many people.

     Another shout out goes out to Third String Productions for the prices they offered for food and drinks. It may not have been a dollar menu but it certainly wasn't a baseball game either. The prices were fairly decent for this being hosted in a baseball park. The vendors and sponsors also offered a wide variety of merchandise ranging from body jewelery all the way down to how to become a vegan and why.

     South By So What is a growing event, there are several ways I personally think it could have been better. The Aquarius Stage should have had a back up plan along with all the other stages, if the cost is too much find a local company who can sponsor or donate extra equipment for small little incidents as the one that occurred. The stage was already running behind, so stopping to fix the problem instead of continuing with the complaints would have been worth it. That or already have a second set up and on standby as a "just in case" measure. Merchandise issues, offering just t-shirts from a majority of the vendors was rather depressing. I spent some time looking at band merchandise and vendor merchandise.

     When it came to the apparel there was a horrible selection and event shirts were not even offered unless you purchased them prior to the event. Remember people, girl like shorts and most of all, they also like panties! Investing in panties, especially the bands, would raise profits significantly. Another apparel complaint, offer something other than a bracelet. Necklaces with band names and logos are a great way to increase profit, a guitar pick on a chain with the bands logo, this would offer a wider variety and as I have attended almost 500 concerts I have seen what giving a wider selection of merchandise can do for profits.

     The band selection was phenomenal, no complaints there. I certainly did hear a lot of people discussing more bands that would make this festival even bigger and better. Greeley Estates, Darkside of Daylight, The Used, The Acacia Strain, Testament, HIM (Yes someone said HIM don't bash, all time favorite band), Sevendust, Serosia, Deception of a Ghost, and several other bands ranging from underground hardcore, a genre I call electrocore (Electronic Hardcore), all the way to mainstream.

     All together this festival is one you should never consider missing. If you like metal music or just to go out and have a good time this is an event to look forward to year after year. Who can beat twelve full hours of non-stop music and moshing if that's your thing.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Kids That Can and Do Rock!

     It was a typical night at Trees in the heart of Deep Ellum. Get your ticket, go inside, wait for the curtain and see if the band can blow you away. The curtains rolled back to reveal four kids. I do not mean teenagers look for a quick way to fame. I literally mean there were four kids with a band called Drater.

     I had remembered hearing a female vocalist warming up to "Man in the box" by Alice in Chains. Fantastic voice and awesome projection. I wasn't sure if this was this band on stage or the headlining band at that point in time.

     I heard a familiar tune start rolling off the stage. It was a cover song, most of their set was covers with the exception of one Drater original. These ARE kids just getting their foot in the water. Credit for a group of kids being brave enough to cover such epic bands such as Metallica. Especially since these kids were covering old Metallica such as "Seek and Destroy" with a female vocalist. I wasn't sure how it would fair out. The whole crowd seemed to sit there as the band began. No one went up to the stage, everyone sat at the back unwilling to get their rear ends out of their seats. I mean these were kids, how good could they actually be?

     Vocalist Mira opened her mouth and blew the crowd away. I happened to be standing next to her dad, which I did not know at the time. Of course the parents were standing there in the crowd probably closer to the stage than anyone else. The only thing I could say was "Oh my, are you kidding me? She's a kid with a voice like that?" Dad turned around and expressed that she was only 12, of course with a proud smile on his face.

     By the time Drater's set was over, the stage had an actual audience. These kids were talented, they were energetic, they moved the crowd and most of all, they interacted with the audience. This is a key element in promoting your band.

     During Drater's breakdown I politely stepped outside, this is the smoking area and you can see the bands breaking down, I asked a few questions. I spoke mainly to the vocalists father, two thumbs up to mom and dad for allowing these kids to chase their dreams, he gave me the bands website.

     I was surprised to see this band has not been together for very long. There are some videos from last year, so I watched them to see if there was any improvement in the bands performances. Let's just say that they have shown some major improvement in interaction, crowd participation, and even in musical and stage performance. Halestorm move over and make way for a band that can be the next big thing.

     This is an unsigned band, young and formidable, good at what they do and performing what they love. Hands in the air for old style rock. Something I grew up on and am thrilled to see breaking back into the scene.

     So what are the future goals for this band? Simple, get their name out there. This band has the potential to do just that. I hope to obtain an interview with this up and coming band and find out a little more about them. If you haven't seen them live, make your way to The House of Blues in Dallas on February 19.

     The only downside to this band is that they are so young. The music business is a hard business, there is lots of pressure. Especially the rock side of the spectrum. Am I saying this band has no chance? Not at all. These kids seem to be dedicated and inspiring. To all the younger generation, if I can be inspired by such a youthful and talented band, take a few pointers and don't be afraid to chase your dreams and go after what you want.

     If you would like a taste before catching a live show, head to their website and check them out.

     I'm going to request a personal interview, things don't always pan out but it would be nice to hear what the band has to say.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Fearless Friends Tour- Blessthefall- The Door- Dallas, TX
     Blessthefall is a post-hardcore band who has currently released six singles, Three EPs, and Three full length albums from 2005-2011. Their current album, "Awakening" peaked on the US Hard Rock chart at the number three position. It was released on October 4, 2011 on the Fearless Records label. The band is comprised of six talented musicians who appeal to their audience and rock the stage.

     Beau Bokan singing lead vocals mixes screamo with a sympathetic yet smooth range of hard rock singing. Although his voice is appealing to his fans and his audience, he is definitely appealing to the ladies. Ladies, hold tight because this smooth singing hearth throb is off the market and ready to settle in with his beautiful Fiance sometime in May of 2012.

     On Rhythm guitar is Elliot Gruenberg. Elliot is the newest member of the band but has caught the attention of many fans who simply play the guitar. I know his personal fan base in Texas itself is rapidly growing as Blessthefall becomes more of a hit sensation and the word spreads of this fast paced, on key guitarist. Good job Elliot for building a personal fan base aside from Blessthefall.

     In most modern bands there can't be a band without backing vocals and a lead guitarist. Eric Lambert is Blessthefall's lead guitarist who brings a hardcore beat, fast riffs, and music that moves not only the crowd, but the soul as well. As the backing vocals of the band his voice blends well with Beau Bokan's to create the awe-inspring music produced in studio and live in concert.

     Matt Traynor is the drummer and has a particular style he uses to capture the fans attention. I've heard rumors that his kit is one of a kind which would explain how he brings his style and amazing abilities into this bands already amazing music. You want bass drops, he definitely can deliver. Blessthefall uses more bass drops than just about any of your modern day bands.

     Jared Warth is Blessthefall's Bass guitarist and he also delivers the unclean vocals that make this bands music more diversified than your modern day post-hardcore bands. Warth's adroit ability to blend bass with the rhythm and lead guitars supersedes that of most bands.

     If you haven't caught this band live in concert you are missing one hell of a show. The band is interactive with their fans and the audience creating a pleasant experience and a motivational environment. If you haven't heard of the "sprinkler of death" it's definitely an experience you don't want to miss. Beau Bokan created this little mosh pit odyssey during the "Fearless Friends Tour". Mosh pits are hot, water cools you down... just jump up and down and spin those open bottles of water around! Just hope that it's a continuing tradition since it seems to be one of Blessthefall's legendary new fads.

     If your looking for a live show that moves your heart, mind, soul, and your body. I definitely would suggest seeing this band and experiencing the rush for yourself. One of the best performances I've ever been to.

     If I had one thing to say to the band it would be thank you for giving me, a small time girl in Dallas, Texas the opportunity to experience one of the most breath taking motivational concerts that I have ever attended. I've been to hundreds of concerts and I highly recommend the Blessthefall experience.

Friday, January 20, 2012


    As some people know I am an avid concert attendee. I am probably seen at many concerts, two or three a month if time permits. I take note of everything that happens, performance, audience attendance, sound quality, and even drink selection. After the show I mentally note how many times I've seen that band, if they have improved and how many followers they have gained. I have decided that I will start critiquing each and every band and also introducing some new music from the scene to this blog. It's no lie I have seen some mainstream artists but the real shows are the ones in the underground. There is more participation despite the fact their venues hold a third of what someone like Avenged Sevenfold would hold. Not only will I critique each individual band but I will critique the performance of the tour as a whole as well.

     So without any further hesitation, and the fact I am currently unable to do anything more, I will begin with the several concerts I've already attended.